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Silent + Live Auction

Did you know that you can come away from ShamRockin’ For A Cure 10.0 with more than just a belly full of good food and drinks? That’s right! ShamRockin’ for a Cure boasts both silent and live auctions, making it your favorite stop to shop too! Check out some of the top auction items from last year’s event below!

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Live Auction

Looking for something that you’ll NEVER find at a store? Then you need to find yourself in the front row during this year’s live auction. It’s loud, it’s crazy and it’s THE time to find incredible trips, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and priceless collector’s items. Here’s a look back at some of our big ticket items from 2017:

Highlighted Items

Silent Auction

Every year, the silent auction is loaded with incredible items and experiences – some of which you can ONLY get at ShamRockin’ for a Cure! Come prepared to browse the aisle for sensational golf packages, home decor, stunning jewelry fashion, and MORE! Here’s a look at some of the items bidders were able to take home in 2017:

Highlighted Items

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ShamRockin' for a Cure
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    The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has unrestricted financial reserves of about 12 times its budgeted annual expenses, following a one-time royalty sale in 2014. These funds, along with the public’s continuing support, are needed to help accelerate our efforts to pursue a lifelong cure for this fatal disease, develop lifesaving new therapies and help all people with CF live full, productive lives. To request a copy of our Strategic Plan, email or call 800 FIGHT-CF.

    Important Note on Attendance at Foundation Events: To reduce the risk of getting and spreading germs at CF Foundation-sponsored events, we ask that everyone follow basic best practices by regularly cleaning your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand gel, covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your inner elbow and maintaining a safe 6-foot distance from anyone with a cold or infection. Medical evidence shows that germs may spread among people with CF through direct and indirect contact as well as through droplets that travel short distances when a person coughs or sneezes. These germs can lead to worsening symptoms and speed decline in lung function. To further help reduce the risk of cross-infection, the Foundation’s attendance policy recommends that all people with CF maintain a safe 6-foot distance from each other at all times while attending an outdoor Foundation-sponsored event.

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